Dear Friend:

Tianjin International Christian Fellowship is comprised of exceptional and caring people from sixty nations, Celebrating Jesus Christ together!  Many people have commented “it’s a bit like heaven” because we have so much diversity, yet so much unity, joy, and love.   As an international church every one of us is “just passing through” which is a good reminder to intentionally make the most of the time God gives us here to grow deeper and closer in purpose together.

When you visit, you’ll meet people, just like you learning to live uncommon lives, in a way that is real, smart, brave and fun.  We place a high emphasis on connections, memories, facing challenges together and experiencing God. And as our members leave from here many like to think of themselves as, “Alumni” because in so many ways they feel they will never be the same for having been a part.

Visit us soon.  Please look me up when you come.  I’ll be looking forward to meeting you.
Yours for His Kingdom!

Scott Carlson
Lead Elder