The ACTS 432 ministry is a practical channel to love and care for members of TICF through offering free clothing, household items and food, provided by donations by members and/or purchased with funds raised from book sales.

Love God: We demonstrate our love for God by obeying his commands to care for the practical needs of brothers and sisters (James 2:14-17, Acts 4:32-35).

Love Others: When we help others with their needs of food and clothing, we hope that they will be released from anxiety and freed to seek God’s kingdom (Matt. 6:25-34) and to give him thanks and praise. We also want to build unity in the body through sharing material resources (Acts 4:32) and to be good stewards of these resources in a community that is undergoing constant turnover.

Train Others: A volunteer team will help to organize donations, buy food with donated funds, and reach out to and pray for those who have needs. We desire to have both a practical/physical as well as a spiritual impact on people.

Serve the Nations: Those who receive the donated items come from countries around the world. As we give across national and cultural boundaries, we proclaim the love of Christ which unites us all in one body. We also want to build relationships that connect recipients (who are often newcomers) with other members of our TICF family.