But in fact Christ has been raised from the dead… 1 Corinthians 15:20

Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. This reality sets our faith apart from all others.  The apostle Paul rightly fixes his readers on the cross as the way to become right with God.  But Paul also reminds us that without the truth of the resurrection of Christ, we are hopeless.  If this Jesus didn’t leave an empty tomb, our faith is meaningless, and we are wasting our lives. We would deserve pity.

But he has risen from the dead!  And this changes everything!  We have the hope of the resurrection and just as death was not the end for Jesus, it is not the end for those who follow Jesus as Lord.  These days have brought much uncertainty into our lives.  The World has an abundance of pain, sorrow, grief, and loss.  In this ocean of tumult, we look for something to anchor us, so that we may have some sense of stability and normalcy, however fragile it may be.  We seek circumstances that will provide security, yet in the end, we struggle against fear, anxiety, and absence of peace. 

However, for those in Christ Jesus, we have found our anchor.  We need only look at the empty tomb and let it remind us that Jesus is alive and has defeated death.  A friend recently said, “The struggles and trials of this life are a very real part of our journey, but they are not our destination.” The uncertainties of life will threaten us, but they need not rob us of the hope we have. Look to Christ and the empty tomb, and today may you find peace, joy, and hope.