Tianjin International Christian Fellowship is supported financially by members through freewill giving.  As a fellowship, we have a ‘faith budget’ for what we believe God is leading us to do in Tianjin and beyond. Giving is meant to be a joyful expression of thanks to God from the heart, not a legalistic obligation.  We are grateful for those who faithfully tithe and give offerings to the work at TICF.

Tianjin International Christian Fellowship follows best practices recommended for churches.

A “Financial Statement of Ministry” is annually prepared by the Elders with input from leadership and ministry teams. The ministry priorities along with financial resources needed to support the kingdom work are presented to the membership. On a quarterly basis, a financial snapshot is presented to members during a Sunday worship service. Members are welcome to arrange for a private meeting to review in detail financial details.

No fewer than two unrelated individuals count the collections and members of counting teams are rotated on a weekly basis.  The collection is counted in a secure location. The count is entered on a summary sheet and signed by all count team members.

Financial information is updated weekly and reviewed by several Elders as well as the Treasurer and the Financial Secretary. Administration of church finances is a sacred trust and we have established a strong system of internal controls to protect the assets of the church from waste, fraud, and inefficient use.