God made us to be individuals that require emotional and relational connections so that we may better appreciate His love and so we may reflect His character as we love one another. But in the pressures of life and transitions of being far from home, it is also natural to feel lonely, to need perspective, or a person who will simply listen. Equally important for all of us is to understand what God thinks, according to His Word, the Bible, so we may find Him, know Him, and experience His presence.

Due to the transient nature of the greater Tianjin/ Beijing expatriate community professional counseling resources come and go, but the Elders of Tianjin International Christian Fellowship take their God-given role to shepherd and watch-over the body with loving care and to prayerfully ENGAGE with those who request it; RELATE with prayer and perspective from God’s Word; IDENTIFY needs; and COORDINATE resources as much as possible.

The Fellowship has a trained Prayer Team, comprised of individuals marked by their identifying name badges, who wait at the front of our worship area each Sunday after the service, who desire to pray with you. They will also point you toward an Elder. They will keep your request confidential and join with you through the week, or share it, if you direct them to, with others who have also signed up and want to pray for you.

The Elders will provide Christian Counseling to individuals who need spiritual, cognitive, emotional, and relationship assistance. Such counseling may be limited, according to the specific situation and capability of the counselor, but will always be connected to prayerful dependence on God for His power, encouragement, healing, and restoration according to His promises.

When possible and it seems to be an advantage for you, the Elder who you meet with will refer you to trained and professional counseling assistance that may be available, on a fee basis, to assist you address, in the most effective way, long term or profound emotional issues that may require such expertise.